Winter Ball Wrap-Up

Thank you, Empower winter players and families, for an outstanding winter session at KUA.  We had 30 players from ten different Upper Valley towns.  Cindy Pierce, comic storyteller and educator, addressed the group on leadership and social courage at our second to last session.  To all Empower players, as you enter your spring seasons, here are a few of Cindy’s “wisdom bombs” to guide you.  For those who saw her, picture Cindy’s hysterical physical humor when you remember these lines.

  1.  Develop SOCIAL COURAGE! When practicing social courage, start small. Confront the micro-aggressions (an inappropriate joke, a stereotype, etc.). You and your teammates can commit to practicing ONE act of social courage a day.
  2. Find your HEALTHY CREW – anchoring adults/adult mentors, friends who allow you to be completely yourself, teammates who are supportive.
  3. Admit what you don’t know and ask for help.
  4. Be nice 98% of the time, but when a boundary is crossed, be ready with your “MEAN ON TAP” and your “QUIVER OF SNARK.”
  5. Follow your INNER COMPASS! Have CONVICTION. You may feel alone at first, but you will build a healthy crew of friends who are on your same page.

Summer details and registration information will be edited this week, but the two tournaments that have been posted since the fall are still our target tournaments.

Good luck with the start of your lacrosse seasons!

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