About Empower

Empower Lacrosse Club is a non-profit, local lacrosse club that believes in supporting the multi-sport athlete, developing the whole player and focusing on long-term development.  Our goal is never to lose sight of the importance of character in building a team and strong, healthy, well-rounded athletes.

Empower’s Philosophy

  • To offer lacrosse opportunities, while respecting the school/recreation spring schedule and encouraging participation in multiple sports.
  • To focus on the long-term development of players.
  • To offer excellent coaching, leveraging local resources with college coaching and playing experience.
  • To promote a whole-player approach to athlete development and to follow best practices as suggested by the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM) created by US Lacrosse.
  • To foster leadership and overall health through our speaker series, “Amplify the Healthy Voices,” and in all Empower events, including practices, clinics and tournaments.

Empower’s Participants

  • Third though eighth grade girls  who are excited for 7v7 and/or full-field competition, skill development, a whole-player focus, local practices, and a seasonal lacrosse commitment that works well with other sports.
  • High school players who want more lacrosse opportunities, local playing time and excellent coaching.  These players might consider a larger, out-of-town club eventually, but for now want a local option that competes regionally.
  • Players who would like to compete in regional tournaments in the fall and summer, but also have time to attend college lacrosse camps of their choosing.
  • Players who would benefit from individual and small group clinics and individual college/lacrosse counseling.  Offered by individual request.

Empower’s Goals

Develop the Multi-Sport Athlete and Focus on the Long-term Development of the Whole-Player

  • Love of the game and overall athletic intelligence
  • Personal goal setting
  • Recognition of strengths and areas for improvement
  • Resilience and confidence
  • Leadership and effective team communication
  • Strength, conditioning and nutrition
  • Coaching feedback and decisions based on long-term development of the player vs. the short-term scoreboard.

Develop Lacrosse Skills

  • Offensive and defensive concepts and strategies
  • Stick Skills: Passing/catching/dodging/shooting
  • Draw techniques
  • Goal keeping
  • Uneven situations
  • Small games

Understand The Future: High School and College Play

  • College/Lacrosse counseling sessions for individuals and small groups
  • Recruiting process- When and how to begin?
  • Summer lacrosse camp/exposure event counseling
  • Skill assessment

The Board of Directors

Chair: Reese Brown from Woodstock, VT

Treasurer: Lindsay Fox from Hanover, NH

Secretary: Vicki McCorkle from Hanover, NH

Jill Collins from Norwich, VT

Marianne Bocock Doyle from Hanover, NH

Sara Ecker from Thetford, VT


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