June 4 Clinic

Because of the nasty weather, we moved the clinic to Sunday, June 4th, but we have kept an All-Star cast of coaches!  Mike Wilus, a Dartmouth Women’s Lacrosse Assistant, will run the clinic.  Mike worked with Empower players this winter and is an excellent teacher of the game.

The clinic will be comprised of skills stations and small game play with an emphasis on fun. We will be sure to hit shooting and taking the draw  — always highlights.  A primary goal of this clinic is to connect current college players with local players.  So far, we have the following college players and coaches:

  • Mike Wilus, Dartmouth Women’s Lacrosse Assistant
  • Hannah Seibel, currently plays at Georgetown
  • Brenna Peterson, currently plays at Gordon
  • Charlotte Whale, currently plays goalie at Dartmouth
  • Taryn Deck, currently plays at Dartmouth
  • Lauren Maiorano, currently plays at Dartmouth


  • $25: 3rd& 4th Grades from 3:30 – 5:30 PM
  • $30: 5th– 8th Grades from 3:30 – 6:00 PM
  • Goal keepers are free!


Sachem Field on the W. Lebanon/Hanover boarder.  394 N. Main St.  West Lebanon, NH.  This is across from Hanover Veterinary Clinic and connected to Campion Rink.


  • Let Marianne know if you cannot make it; she can offer you a full refund.
  • The clinic is also now 30 minutes shorter; Marianne can offer those who paid the full $35 a $5 refund. Please do so before Sunday, June 4.


  • Empower Youth Lacrosse Camp: June 29, 30.  9:00 AM-12:00 PM.  Sachem Field.  Our focus is the long-term development of our players, a whole-player approach to athlete development, and leadership.  We also attempt to “amplify the healthy voices” with our speakers series.  We are not your usual sports club!  This is designed to partner with the Got Game Youth 1-Day Camp on June 28. We will do our best to reinforce and practice new skills learned with Danielle Spencer and her staff at Got Game Lacrosse.  https://empowerlacrosseclub.com.
  • Got Game Lacrosse Youth Camp: June 28. This is the camp of the new Dartmouth Women’s Coach, Danielle Spencer. Find registration information and other camp dates at http://www.gotgamelacrosse.com.


24 thoughts on “June 4 Clinic

  1. hi Reese
    We are signing up Olive for the Memorial Day clinic. I’ll get the paperwork to you asap.


  2. Signing Perrin and Carly up. Hoping many Hanover kids will join, too. Cancelled practice that day for our team so we can participate.

    Sending papers in today.

    Thanks for your great work!


  3. Signing Brighton Martsolf-Tan for the Memorial Day Clinic. Too late to mail form and check, can we bring it in?

    1. Yes you may. Please confirm that she is a US Lacrosse member. Looking forward to having her there.

      Thanks Teresa.

  4. I’m having difficulties signing my daughter Emma up, the site keeps saying there is an error and bumping me off. I have her paperwork and check ready to mail but don’t have her membership number due to my internet issues. Can you please tell me the deadline?

    1. Hi Jody,

      We do not have any control over the US lacrosse site, try again tomorrow. I have Emma on my list for the clinic. If it still isn’t working tomorrow, let me know.

      Thanks, looking forward to seeing Emma there.


    2. Hi Reese,
      Thanks! I am still having trouble with the site so I’ll continue to work on it today. Is it okay if I also bring the form and check on Monday?

  5. I plan to sign up my daughter Alicia (4th grader) but I doubt you will get the check by tomorrow’s deadline. Can I bring it in on monday?


    1. Hi Shelly, yes, please bring your info and check on Monday. I will add her to my list. What town does she play for?

  6. Please sign Madeleine up for the clinic on Monday. I will bring a permission form and a check. Madeleine is in 8th grade at RMS.

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