July Camp Update


Registration Deadline: TODAY! Friday, July 10

Registration Forms (Click here)


Huntley Meadows in Norwich, VT. July 14-16 with a rain date of July 17. July 14 and 15 are 9 am-1. July 16 is 9:00 am to 1:30 pm. This is for rising 3rd-10th grade girl lacrosse players. No experience necessary. See registration form for cost and more details.



We are especially excited for our guest speakers Brook Raney, Cindy Pierce and Dr. Nancy Turkington. Brook Raney is a Dean at KUA and runs an outstanding Girls Leadership Camp and Conference there. Ms. Raney will work on leadership and healthy communication skills with teammates. Cindy Pierce will address leadership, balance, the development of a “healthy crew,” and tips for maintaining great team dynamics. Dr. Turkington will present a few nutritional tips especially relevant to athletes.



We have a host of lacrosse players from Dartmouth (8 different players!), UNH (our dear Lily Ford) and Hanover High School (Molly Seibel, JJ Daniel) to help us coach, so the girls should look forward to ending everyday with a scrimmage with the staff. Their jobs as role models is perhaps more important than their jobs as coaches. Sarah Martin, Marianne Bocock Doyle, Moe Garmon will coach as well.

One of our shifts will be to shape the camp so that it will prepare the group to play as a team in the Bitter Tournament (July 18-19 in Stowe, VT).  We will also have enough coaches to cover the kids too young to be on a Bitter team (3rd and 4th grade).  The older kids who are just coming to the camp and cannot come to the tourney will mix in, much like any practice.  The preparation and upbeat tempo is excellent for everyone’s development. We will also focus on visualization and sport-life balance.


FEE: We do not want cost to be prohibitive.  We are happy to set up a payment plan or reduce the cost if needed.  Contact Reese directly if interested.

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