Empower Fall 2017 Wrap Up and Giving Thanks!

This was a tremendous fall season, and we are extremely appreciative to all of our families for their time and efforts. As we head into 2018, the Empower Board and I are evaluating all aspects of Empower and thinking through possible ways to improve our club.  Every conversation is rooted in a desire to better serve our lacrosse community and to remain true to our mission (https://empowerlacrosseclub.com/about/mission-statement/).

In reflecting on the fall, we had so many new players join the club this fall and loved seeing how much each player challenged herself every Sunday and the amount we all improved by the end of the season.

Each practice we were able to build upon the skills we worked on the previous week and we saw our teams become a stronger cohesive unit, which served us well come tournament time.

Our two tournaments this fall, UNH and Portsmouth, were the ideal settings to see our players put their hard work and effort over the past 5 weeks into action against talented opponents.

Tournament recap from our coaches:

The high school team, Whit Willocks:

  • Faced some very tough opponents, but rose to the occasion each game. Given the small fields and quick play, each game was fast paced and high scoring.
  • Our defense was our strongest area, which really showcased our team mentality and having one another’s backs as the slides came quickly and doubles were happening all over the field.
  • The high school team has a ton of skill, but what I loved seeing even more than our skill level improve, was how much of a team we became each week.

The 7/8 team, Hannah Lyons:

  • They each stepped up to challenge of facing tough opponents with limited subs each game
  • Each player showcased her lacrosse knowledge, being competitive, and staying positive – they were all extremely supportive of one another
  • It was great to see their bond as teammates grow both on and off the field

The 5/6 Team, Kelsey Redpath & Christine Anneburg:

  • Our girls always supported each other
  • They kept a positive attitude throughout each tournament
  • They all wanted to work hard and get playing time
  • The girls are great to be around and make those long lacrosse days super fun and worthwhile
  • It was extremely rewarding coaching 5/6 Empower girls at both the UNH and Portsmouth tournaments this fall. As a group we had a lot of energy, and each tournament saw us learn to channel that towards accomplishing our lacrosse goals. Our first tournament at UNH saw our best moments happen as a result of our girls finding their personal change-of-speed, and trusting their teammates to help them move the ball downfield toward goal. We were lucky to have a wonderful visiting goalie who helped start some full field transition that lead to some sniper style goals once we got in our groove.  What was most imporessive, those goals definitely saw us use the stickwork we had been practicing all fall: “pancake, shoulder, turtle, hitch, shot!
  • At Portsmouth, 5/6 Empower impressed Kelsey and I so much with how welcoming we were to our visiting goalie for the day. We quickly not only made her feel a part of our team, but started working directly with her to use her ability to clear the ball accurately and far, thus helping jumpstart our fast break. Our improving ability to look for, and recognise, the “one more” pass / assist taught us just how important connecting on that final pass can be. Our girls learned A LOT from eachother and both these tournaments, and hopefully they stay hungry to keep up with their oh-so-important lacrosse stickwork this winter. UP UP Empower!

And finally, HUGE thanks to all our parents for sharing your daughters with us, shuttling them to and from practices and our tournament locations and always being great support systems for our players. We are all in this together and we love spending time with our Empower Family! Hope to see many of you this winter at KUA for Winter Ball starting January 21st. Registration is OPEN, so please register as soon as you are able to receive the early bird rate!

Happy Early Thanksgiving to our Empower Families! We are extremely lucky to have you all in our lives and are thankful for the outstanding young women we get to coach, we can’t thank you all enough.

~ The Empower Coaches & Staff