Bitter Tournament 2015 (July 18-19 in Stowe, VT)

ELC Bitter Day 2 7.19.15-9475What a weekend! We began on Saturday with a 5-5 tie against and strong NH Tomahawks Gold 2020 (rising 8th graders) team. With our team of 6th-8th graders, we knew we were right in the mix with a tie against a select club team of mostly 8th graders.   We continued to work on taking a deep breath on attack, slowing it down and stretching to make some space for cutting. The defense proved that all of our work during the camp on 4v3’s paid off. They slid and communicated like college players! Incredible evolution from day one of the Empower camp to this point.

On Sunday morning, we lost 7-10 – just a narrow, hard-fought loss – to a Cape Cod Team of rising 9th graders. This team had handily beaten both teams we played on Saturday (1 tie, 1 loss for us). The coaches were over the moon with Empower’s play. We were down 1-5 and came roaring back – never giving up, taking risks, and showing resilience. In our final game, we tied a strong team from Canada, with an Empower defense that continued to communicate and slide well and an attack that “stretched” and began cutting off ball with great results.

Empower is so proud of our 17 Empower players, and most importantly, they should be proud of themselves. Thank you, Taylor, our outstanding goalie, for being our anchor on defense. You were one of the reasons we had the confidence to play step-for-step with these older, often much taller teams.

The overnight at Mt. Mansfield Ski Academy was, as in past years, a ball. Reese’s “pasta special,” the dip in the river, the general revelry and laughter were all highlights. Thank you to Lynne and Tom Naughton and Joan Frankenstein Mitchell for serving as dorm parents with a “camp counselor” spirit.

We are already planning our Empower Sunday afternoon sessions for the fall (likely beginning Sept. 13). More soon on the Sunday schedule (likely 3-5 pm), our guest speakers, our Chad Half Marathon super hero team event (Sunday, Oct. 18) and the Harvard and UNH 7v7 tournaments.

Lynne Naughton has served as our Parent Advisor and has given us incredible, very specific feedback that has helped us shape this summer’s programs. We are so thankful for the time and energy she has put into this role. Thank you, Lynne!

Empower girls, pick up your sticks as often as you can for the rest of the summer. “Walk the dog”, work on your Swagger Swings and Reverse Twists, practice those wall sits with your stick extended and cradling, and hit the wall to develop your weaker-side. We’ll post a summary of these new skills, so you can remember. We are looking forward to seeing you in the fall!

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