An Exciting Announcement from Empower Board of Directors & Whit Willocks

It is with great honor and excitement that I announce the creation of ECHO Lacrosse, LLC. ECHO:  Empower, Character, Heart, and Ownership. ECHO Lacrosse, based in the Upper Valley, will provide an elite girls’ lacrosse program for New Hampshire and Vermont families. Inspiring and mentoring young female athletes has always been a passion and a driving force in my life, and lacrosse has served as the ideal platform to do so.  

I am also proud to have the full support of The Empower Lacrosse Club Board of Directors.  As Board Member Marianne Bocock Doyle explains,

The Empower Lacrosse Club Board of Directors is thrilled by the launch of ECHO Lacrosse, LLC. The Board has supported Whit’s work to establish ECHO, and we strongly believe ECHO will better and more completely serve our lacrosse community. Whit is excited to continue Empower’s emphasis on the whole-player and the overall health and well-being of the student-athlete. Leadership and social courage have been a focus for Empower, and Whit will continue to utilize local resources to emphasize this valuable mission. Going forward, Empower will continue to exist as a nonprofit organization supporting female student-athletes. In the new year, The Empower Board of Directors looks forward to telling you more about our evolving role.

At ECHO we strongly believe that experiences gained from participating in sport and being part of a team are the perfect vehicle for character development.  We will focus on each individual player and their specific needs in order to maximize personal development and growth. Regardless of experience, ECHO has a place for your athlete. We will Empower them to be the best version of themselves,  promote Character development and Heart so they can truly believe in themselves and the choices they are making. Lastly, we will create an environment of Ownership so our players can stand up for what they believe in and have the confidence in their actions.

ECHO will host Winter Ball at KUA and very soon will be rolling out our summer schedule consisting of multiple tournaments, clinics and elite level training programs. A point of emphasis at ECHO is the recruiting and mentoring program. Having gone through the recruiting process as athletes and having coached at the High School, Division III and Division I levels, our coaches have vast experience and knowledge. We will help guide our athletes and assist them in finding the best school and lacrosse program for their specific academic and athletic desires. We will be by our players’ side every step of the way. Along with helping players in the college recruitment process, we are excited to contribute to developing confidence and character in young women . We cannot wait to dive right into practices with players starting from a young age, as that is where they are most receptive and impressionable. If your daughter wants to compete, learn new skills, have fun and gain confidence, ECHO is the place for her.

Going forward, I am extremely excited to connect with lacrosse families to learn how ECHO Lacrosse can serve our athletes as well-balanced student-athletes and leaders in their communities. Please reach out to me at if you would like to share your perspective and feedback. For more information and a look at our upcoming schedule, please visit The site is constantly being added to and updated, so please check back frequently.

We look forward to continued communication about this exciting development for girls’ lacrosse in NH and VT.


Whitaker Willocks

Owner and Director

ECHO Lacrosse