The Empower Lacrosse Club Board of Directors is thrilled by the launch of ECHO Lacrosse, LLC. The ELC Board has supported Whitaker “Whit” Willocks’ work to establish ECHO, and we strongly believe ECHO will more completely serve our lacrosse community. Whit is excited to continue Empower’s emphasis on the whole-player and the overall health and well-being of the student-athlete. Leadership and social courage have been a focus for Empower, and Whit will continue to utilize local resources to emphasize this valuable mission.

For more information about ECHO Lacrosse and the upcoming schedule, please go to www.echolacrossecom.  Also, please see www.empowerlacrosseclub.com to read the blogpost announcing the launch of ECHO Lacrosse, LLC.

Going forward, Empower will continue to exist as a nonprofit organization supporting female student-athletes. In the new year, The Empower Board of Directors looks forward to telling you more about our evolving role.

The Board of Directors

Reese Brown from Woodstock, VT

Lindsay Fox from Hanover, NH

Vicki McCorkle from Hanover, NH

Jill Collins from Norwich, VT

Marianne Bocock Doyle from Hanover, NH

Sara Ecker from Thetford, VT

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